Wednesday, February 21, 2007

qq instant messager

qq belongs to tencent company
qq as the most popular im in china ,have 100 millions user used this software,and when it have so much users ,then it supports so many services,like qzone(a services like msn space ,but more cartoonly)and soso(like google or baidu)and paipai(like ebay)and qqgame
,qqtv,qqnews etc,so many services,and this bring so many fortune to tencent company,and it brings a tm vision to supposts the office workers,qq usually used by young person in china.but there are some risks in the future ,because many company come to china like msn from ms ,and skype ,yahoo messager,and sina(the china biggest news sites)supports im too,so there have many thing qq should do.
in china which internet company can earn the money,only who know what' is entertainment.qq know that now ,but in future ,china must change to the style likes us now ,to create fortune by internet .so future have so many changes ,ok ,let's see qq what do in future,just keep and expand the market or be killed by others company like china mobile company,it make a software called feitone,and china mobile company have 400millions users ,hehe ,so qq future not very bright i guess.
p.s some info about qq
qq in wiki
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