Sunday, April 29, 2007


It is easy to open a shop, the hard part is keeping it open.
i saw this in one blog,and it's the same as blogging ,write a post is easy,but it's hard to continue for a long time .

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Simpsons

from snlildude87

i want to watch this series in my future times ,i heard about it's so funny ,can make me happy i think,hehe
The Simpsons ,oh yeah. we will meet somedays.

i am back again

finally i can login into the blogspot,i think gfw(the great firewall of china )baned it and now it can enter again so i can write something here so.
so pity living in this place coz u can't visit so many good sites like wiki technorati.

another articles read from a mag today told me that this year there are almost 40millions university grad go to the job markets,and 1 quarter of them can't find suited jobs ,and 10millions choose to join to the graduate student exam.

and like it,finance,and consulting jobs 1 position have 9 persons to it's very cruel to us,hehe ,so i must work hard in my last time in school.

there's days in my place it's very hot,it's so doubtful that i am in spring now,hehe,ok ,see ya later.friend.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

where i live now

some aliens friends always ask me where am i come from ,i said now i living in hebei province,shijiazhuang city,china.shijiazhuang is a city that very near to beijing(beijing is the capital of china,everyone know this,near:the distance compare with the large china area :P took train by 2hours)
shijiazhuang is a young city but activity i think,the pollution here at the past is very serious.but nowadays the air changed a lot.and the people live here most of them are very friendly and kind thing i think why shijiazhuang can't delevop fastly is that the corruption of the goverment officers.
if someone come to shijiazhuang in future days and if i still here i can be a life guide and friend with u.

btw ,the most value in my blog now is the bookmark section.on my delicious.hehe,have some useful informations,hope u like.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

gates vs. jobs


funny video,hehe

reading blogs

i subscribes 200+ feeds with bloglines,i havn't read all the news from the feed ,almost 6000+ news unreaded,over infomation now,and i have think about the meanings of reading blogs,half of the feeds are english,and the others are chinese,included it news,management,psychology,sales,ecnomics,etc,at the past of the year i took 4 hours to read the feeds,and thought some stuffs from the blogs and to improve my mind.
but now i doubted,it is help for me? surely i think is very helpful,now my eye is very open then thoses who don't do this,but how can i improve myself more,yes ,at the past time i like went to the lib to reading mag and borrowed books .
blablablablabal. hehe ,so bored,yes.
who can give me some suggestions,a friend tell me i should do something but prove myself,yes ,i think so,so when this summer vocations comes ,i will go out to find a job,to help the company,to make some value,coz i always work very hard ,and i think it's the time to do something this summer
i like to share my ideas .

Thursday, March 8, 2007

solve problem method

sometimes i have a weakness,it's that i always think others are same as me ,if they have some problem,then i will think they can solve the problem by my method,but somethings proved that i am wrong,like if i have a problem about my computer,i like to go to google to find if i can find the key to solve the problem,but anyone don't good at computer maybe just want to find the easy way to done it,like recovery the operate system,then if who got a problem want to find help,i should give them the way really suit for them.

like me ,if i have some problem,i just ask google,sometimes i think i don't relying on the internet too much,it's not a very good will block my mind,i can feel that what i should do is just open my mind,yes,i should do it as soon as possible.

there days i just read a bok named the effective executive written by opeter drucker,
a little hard to me on english edition.
effectiveness can be learned,i will try to learn it ^_^
some clips
making strength productive
first things first
know thy time.