Thursday, March 15, 2007

where i live now

some aliens friends always ask me where am i come from ,i said now i living in hebei province,shijiazhuang city,china.shijiazhuang is a city that very near to beijing(beijing is the capital of china,everyone know this,near:the distance compare with the large china area :P took train by 2hours)
shijiazhuang is a young city but activity i think,the pollution here at the past is very serious.but nowadays the air changed a lot.and the people live here most of them are very friendly and kind thing i think why shijiazhuang can't delevop fastly is that the corruption of the goverment officers.
if someone come to shijiazhuang in future days and if i still here i can be a life guide and friend with u.

btw ,the most value in my blog now is the bookmark section.on my delicious.hehe,have some useful informations,hope u like.

1 comment:

bingoo said...

hey~ you not so weak as u told me~
well, i think u like english so much~so u writhe so many words in english~`
i like english~~

very happy u meet u here and if i can be u r friend~~maybe next time i go to xijiazhuang i chould meet there and would have a nice talk~~