Saturday, March 10, 2007

reading blogs

i subscribes 200+ feeds with bloglines,i havn't read all the news from the feed ,almost 6000+ news unreaded,over infomation now,and i have think about the meanings of reading blogs,half of the feeds are english,and the others are chinese,included it news,management,psychology,sales,ecnomics,etc,at the past of the year i took 4 hours to read the feeds,and thought some stuffs from the blogs and to improve my mind.
but now i doubted,it is help for me? surely i think is very helpful,now my eye is very open then thoses who don't do this,but how can i improve myself more,yes ,at the past time i like went to the lib to reading mag and borrowed books .
blablablablabal. hehe ,so bored,yes.
who can give me some suggestions,a friend tell me i should do something but prove myself,yes ,i think so,so when this summer vocations comes ,i will go out to find a job,to help the company,to make some value,coz i always work very hard ,and i think it's the time to do something this summer
i like to share my ideas .

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