Thursday, March 8, 2007

solve problem method

sometimes i have a weakness,it's that i always think others are same as me ,if they have some problem,then i will think they can solve the problem by my method,but somethings proved that i am wrong,like if i have a problem about my computer,i like to go to google to find if i can find the key to solve the problem,but anyone don't good at computer maybe just want to find the easy way to done it,like recovery the operate system,then if who got a problem want to find help,i should give them the way really suit for them.

like me ,if i have some problem,i just ask google,sometimes i think i don't relying on the internet too much,it's not a very good will block my mind,i can feel that what i should do is just open my mind,yes,i should do it as soon as possible.

there days i just read a bok named the effective executive written by opeter drucker,
a little hard to me on english edition.
effectiveness can be learned,i will try to learn it ^_^
some clips
making strength productive
first things first
know thy time.

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