Tuesday, March 6, 2007

there days cold again

too cold all the china ,north and south ,i chatting with my friend around china all tell me the temperature is drop down,and today i go to the xinhua bookshop reading some books,like hacks books and health book,too long time i havn't come to the bookstore,coz
i borrowed 7 books in this winter vocation,but i havn't finish it,so i can't go to the bookstore in my mind ,but some days later i will start go to school.so i come to the bookstore today. in the bookstore there are so many person reading books ,some of them are the some age of me and some more older,i am so surprised there are so many guys don't need to go to work.and when i back to school i find so many guys some age of me just walking on the park with their's bf/gf,how they living ?by their's parents maybe.

ok,btw ,my city today the sky is so blue ,and the air is so fresh ,i like it so much ,that's why i like go out today,and the sunshine is my favorite when cold times.

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