Thursday, December 14, 2006


douban is the most hottest web2.0 site in china 2006,it's very popular for the white -color,students from collage.and douban get value from the user who subscribes books from dangdang,zhuoyue(the sites likes amazon)and it has more services to other similar sites like allconsuming. like it has "where i go,which blog i go" ,and all of the service of douban is based on the user's choice.and find the similar of the choice and give u the suggestion.a great idea,of course other sites from the worldwide do the same thing too,like allconsuming it binding with 43people,43place and others,make it very strong.but in china,sites like that havn't appeared.and douban is more mature now, i think it will be better at the future.

the english vision of douban is here:douban,but it's not very popular now ,only a little guy here,and the functions of the site is very simple ,only supports books and music services,no movies,and where i go etc.. but i think it will be better too ,because douban owns a very excellent group's team.

good luck ,douban

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