Wednesday, March 28, 2007

i am back again

finally i can login into the blogspot,i think gfw(the great firewall of china )baned it and now it can enter again so i can write something here so.
so pity living in this place coz u can't visit so many good sites like wiki technorati.

another articles read from a mag today told me that this year there are almost 40millions university grad go to the job markets,and 1 quarter of them can't find suited jobs ,and 10millions choose to join to the graduate student exam.

and like it,finance,and consulting jobs 1 position have 9 persons to it's very cruel to us,hehe ,so i must work hard in my last time in school.

there's days in my place it's very hot,it's so doubtful that i am in spring now,hehe,ok ,see ya later.friend.